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Stornoway Lamp Base Table


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Crafted from willow and rattan woods, prized for their unique textures, this sculpture boasts a distinctive and organic allure. Utilizing renewable resources, it champions environmental sustainability in its creation. Through artisan craftsmanship, each wooden sculpture exudes exclusivity and beauty, embodying meticulous artistry. Introducing Howard, our Large Highland Cow Wooden Sculpture, the embodiment of rustic charm. Carefully crafted from authentic willow and rattan woods, every piece reflects traditional artistry. Whether adorning a country-inspired home, office, or business, this exquisite statement piece elevates any space. Howard’s presence radiates warmth and character, capturing the essence of nature’s grace. Embrace the craftsmanship's allure and transform any setting into a captivating sanctuary with this beautiful highland cow sculpture.

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Lamp Base


We take pride in delivering high-quality made-to-measure curtains that meet your needs. Our Soft Furnishings typically take between 3-5 days to arrive, while made-to-measure items take between 7-28 days. We work hard to ensure that our delivery times are fast and reliable, so you can enjoy your new curtains as soon as possible.

Key Features:

  1. Dry clean and cool iron only.

  2. The luxurious Brooklands bedspread offers a velvet-feel quilted design and includes a linen border for added opulence.

  3. This stunning bedspread boasts a soft 100% cotton reverse and a heavyweight design, ensuring a dreamy experience.



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